Full Album | Keysha – Mwangaza

Keysha – Mwangaza Nyimbo Mpya 2023

A Tanzanian female musician who is also serving as a member of the parliament, Keysha gift us with a new project titled, Mwangaza.

Keysha’s latest album, Mwangaza, was released this January 2023 and features 10 tracks, all of which were written, composed, and produced by Keysha. The album celebrates the beauty of her Tanzanian culture, with each song expressing its own unique story.

The album’s title, Mwangaza, means “light” in Swahili, and the album is a reflection of Keysha’s journey of self-discovery and her appreciation of her Tanzanian heritage.

The music is a combination of traditional Tanzanian instruments and modern pop/R&B production, creating a unique sound that is a perfect blend of both worlds. Mwangaza is an album that celebrates the beauty of Tanzania and will surely be enjoyed by fans of African music.

Full Album | Keysha – Mwangaza

  1. Keysha – Beautiful Ft. Alikiba
  2. Keysha – Sikinai
  3. Keysha Ft. Christian Bella – Mwangaza
  4. Keysha – Darling
  5. Keysha – Wanje Ft. Kusah
  6. Keysha – Matam
  7. Keysha – Niwako Ft Frida Amani
  8. Keysha – Tulia

Listen to, “Keysha – Mwangaza Album” below;